"To understand the cloud, you have to look behind the cloud."

x-ion – specialized in cloud and network infrastructure

We focus on consulting, planning and operating of individual Cloud environments as well as global network connections.

Cloud- und Netzwerkinfrastruktur
Data center

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Founded in 2009, the owner-managed x-ion GmbH runs offices in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany. At the beginning, the focus lay on web application development – e.g. shops systems, car configurators, telecommunications applications and many more. Hosting has been already an essential part of our services. Training for Ruby-based backend development completed the portfolio.

During customer projects, it became more and more obvious that the future belongs to the cloud. In 2012, the first project was implemented on an OpenStack-basis. Since then x-ion focuses on cloud- and infrastructure-services. Together with our cooperation partners, we specialize in consulting, planning and automated installation of individual cloud environments.

x-ion ensures a cost-efficient virtualization and also plans and configures complex, separate and secure networks as well as their highly automated operation.

Thus x-ion is a true infrastructure-as-a-service provider. We are a accredited ISP in many EU countries and operate worldwide data transmission services.

A redundant fiber optic ring between our three German infrastructure sites and the outside world forms the technical backbone.

Our employees are x-ion’s human “backbone“, who take care of operations and service 24/7.

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Please contact us via the contact form, by e-mail at consulting@x-ion.de or call us at +49 40 609 451 090.